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AdPlug is a free, cross-platform, hardware independent AdLib sound player library, mainly written in C++ and released under the LGPL. AdPlug plays sound data, originally created for the AdLib (OPL2) and Sound Blaster (Dual OPL2/OPL3) audio boards, directly from its original format on top of an emulator or by using the real hardware. No OPL chip is required for playback.

AdPlug itself is just the backend to many different audio player frontends, which are also being developed here. There are plugins for popular audio players, like Winamp and XMMS, as well as stand-alone players for many different systems available.


Continuous integrations with Travis and Appveyor     2016-05-29 - Malvineous
AdPlug now has continuous integration (CI) support! Every time a change is pushed to the git repository, Travis CI will pick it up and compile it under both Linux and OSX, and run the tests to ensure no errors have been introduced. Appveyor will also pick up the change and compile it under Windows.

This means that it will now be much easier to get access to the latest development versions of AdPlug. For those using the Winamp plugin, you can get this "pre-release" version from the GitHub release page.

AdPlug moves to GitHub     2015-06-24 07:30 - AdPlug
AdPlug development has now moved to GitHub! The website is now at and the main repository is at AdPlay, the Winamp plugin and other modules are now in separate repositories. See the full list at

AdPlug core 2.2.1 released     2010-04-06 03:22 - AdPlug
Just a minor release this time, which fixes a couple of bugs and crashes. See the NEWS file for full details.
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AdPlug core 2.2 and AdPlay/UNIX 1.7 released     2010-01-01 10:02 - AdPlug
At last another release!

AdPlug 2.2 brings with it these changes:
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Supported formats:

AdPlug implements unique file replayers for each supported audio format in order to achieve the best possible replay quality. Players marked as "preliminary" aren't considered final by the author and may contain many replay issues, but are included for testing purposes anyway. As of now, the following formats are supported:

  • A2M: AdLib Tracker 2 by subz3ro
  • ADL: Westwood ADL File Format
  • AGD: Herbulot AdLib Gold System (HERAD) by Remi Herbulot (preliminary)
  • AMD: AMUSIC Adlib Tracker by Elyssis
  • BAM: Bob's Adlib Music Format
  • BMF: Easy AdLib 1.0 by The Brain
  • CFF: BoomTracker 4.0 by CUD
  • CMF: Creative Music File Format by Creative Technology
  • CMF: SoundFX Macs Opera tracker by Linel
  • D00: EdLib by Vibrants
  • DFM: Digital-FM by R.Verhaag
  • DMO: Twin TrackPlayer by TwinTeam
  • DRO: DOSBox Raw OPL Format
  • DTM: DeFy Adlib Tracker by DeFy
  • GOT: God Of Thunder Music by Roy Davis of Adept Software
  • HA2: Herbulot AdLib System v2 (HERAD) by Remi Herbulot (preliminary)
  • HSC: HSC Adlib Composer by Hannes Seifert, HSC-Tracker by Electronic Rats
  • HSP: HSC Packed by Number Six / Aegis Corp.
  • HSQ: Herbulot AdLib System (HERAD) by Remi Herbulot (preliminary)
  • IMF: Apogee IMF File Format
  • IMS: IMPlay Song Format
  • JBM: JBM Adlib Music Format
  • KSM: Ken Silverman's Music Format
  • LAA: LucasArts AdLib Audio File Format by LucasArts
  • LDS: LOUDNESS Sound System
  • M: Origin AdLib Music Format
  • MAD: Mlat Adlib Tracker
  • MDI: AdLib MIDIPlay File Format by Ad Lib Inc.
  • MID: MIDI Audio File Format
  • MKJ: MKJamz by M \ K Productions (preliminary)
  • MSC: AdLib MSCplay
  • MTK: MPU-401 Trakker by SuBZeR0
  • MUS: AdLib MIDI Music Format by Ad Lib Inc.
  • RAD: Reality ADlib Tracker by Reality
  • RAW: RdosPlay RAW file format by RDOS
  • RIX: Softstar RIX OPL Music Format
  • ROL: AdLib Visual Composer by AdLib Inc.
  • S3M: Screamtracker 3 by Future Crew
  • SA2: Surprise! Adlib Tracker 2 by Surprise! Productions
  • SAT: Surprise! Adlib Tracker by Surprise! Productions
  • SCI: Sierra's AdLib Audio File Format
  • SDB: Herbulot AdLib System (HERAD) by Remi Herbulot (preliminary)
  • SNG: Faust Music Creator by FAUST
  • SNG: Adlib Tracker 1.0 by TJ
  • SOP: Note Sequencer by Lee Ho Bum (sopepos)
  • SQX: Herbulot AdLib System (HERAD) by Remi Herbulot (preliminary)
  • VGM: Video Game Music 1.51 by Valley Bell (preliminary)
  • XAD: eXotic ADlib Format by Riven the Mage
  • XMS: XMS-Tracker by MaDoKaN/E.S.G
  • XSM: eXtra Simple Music by Davey W Taylor

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