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  • A: The file format is already (partly) supported by AdPlug.
  • D: File format documentation/specification is available.
  • E: Editor software is available.
  • P: Player software is available.
  • M: Test music files are available.
  • S: Source code is available.

Troddlers Music Format


This is the adlib patch engine of Mr. Johannes Bjerregaard, originally created for the IBM-PC version of the game "Troddlers", but never publicly released. The tools are used to create patches for standard MIDI music, and various players are included (SMFPTEST, etc.) to replay the files. The MID and MFP both must be in the same directory.

The purpose of this package was to put a great-sounding adlib sound to MIDI music by creating adlib patch data to go with it. You will notice the "DD3TIT0.MID" - title music from the IBM-PC version of "Double Dragon 3". Mr. Bjerregaard says that his SNG and JBM formats branched from this package, but I think it may be true that Jesper Olsen also made use of it to create his .PJO format!

I am very excited about this particular set. I was hoping that with the included sources, you would be able to work a system into AdPlug/AdPlay where the adlib patches for the MIDI tunes can be heard by selecting the MFP file and having the player pick up the MID and handle them that way ... requiring two files (MID and MFP) to play a song would be an unusual occurance, but I think this format is unique to have it.

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